Beijing Bayou 北京八友


Photo Source: The Atlantic




I am a fan of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). They offer opportunities to learn new subjects or to review subjects that I studied eons ago. I encourage everyone who has never studied a MOOC course to give it a try. Below are some courses I took:

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On a freezing cold midwestern winter's night many years ago, after a wonderful home-cooked Jambalaya meal, 8 friends and I fantasized about opening a restaurant that serves our favorite recipes. Half of these 8 friends are Americans and the other half are Chinese. In Chinese, 八友 (bāyǒu) means 8 friends. In English, a bayou is a body of water. Since Louisiana is home to bayous and Cajun cuisine (e.g., Jambalaya), I came up with the name Beijing Bayou for this fictional restaurant that my 8 friends and I own.


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